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Corporate Chanakya

by Radhakrishnan Pillai Has useful information on how Chanakya’s principle’s are/can be used in modern corporate’s. What today’s corporate’s have adopted, was well established by Chanakaya in 3rd century BC. No harm in reading the book once to compare the … Continue reading

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Memory leak detection

There are many memory leak detection tools available in market today.Some of the most commonly used tools are wdb,gdb, valgrind etc… In this posting, i will be explaining on, how to write code with logging enabled, so that the debug … Continue reading

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Perl script vs Shell script

Perl is known for its text manipulation capabilities. When shell scripts are compared to perl scripts for text manipulation, perl script has certainly an edge over shell scripts. I ported a shell script to perl script as the shell script … Continue reading

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How to build 32 bit binaries on 64 bit architecture machine ?

If we have built our application in 32 bit architecture and if we have to move to 64 bit architecture, following two options can be used 1. compile 32 bit version of application in 64 bit architecure 2. port the … Continue reading

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