Useful softwares/tools

Useful software’s/tools
Following are some of the free software’s/handy tools which aid in software development. You can download the software from the links provided below
1. putty — telnet and ssh client
    putty (telnet)
    putty (ssh)
2. winscp — FTP client which uses sftp protocol
3. filezilla — FTP client
4. hjsplit — split any file into smaller files of predefined size
Same feature is available in unix with “split” command. Refer to man page of split for more information.
5. textpad — a more powerful tool text editing. Can be replacement for notepad.
6. winmerge — differencing and merging tool for Windows
7. sendblaster — e-mail marketing software. Can be used for sending html emails.
8. winrar — powerful archive manager. Decompress both RAR and ZIP file format.
9. 7zip — file archiver with a high compression ratio
10. winzip — Most commonly used zip utility for file compression

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