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Linux for you (LFY)

I have been reading LFY magazine from couple of months. Some of the articles are written by industry experts and are very interesting. Magazine covers wide range of interesting stuff like the latest Android development, UNIX, different flavours of unix, … Continue reading

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Issues after Porting applications to 64 bit architecture

Application Binary Interface(ABI) specifies sizes of fundamental types. ABI is hidden from the developer by the compiler. The main limitation of 32-bit programs that push developers to 64-bit programs is the limited address space. A 32-bit program can only address … Continue reading

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libc Library

C library has many functions which are not used at all. I read libc documentation and found many useful functions which are not commonly used in day to day programming. If you find the document, do read it, to find … Continue reading

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The Google

The Google by David A. Vise Good book to read. Book explains about inception of google, challenges faced during the inital period, how funds were raised etc…continues to explain about how competitors ( altavista, yahoo, microsoft) tried to supress the … Continue reading

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