The Google

The Google
by David A. Vise
Good book to read.

Book explains about inception of google, challenges faced during the inital period, how funds were raised etc…continues to explain about how competitors ( altavista, yahoo, microsoft) tried to supress the company as google’s revenue grew from nothing to millions of dollars in couple of years.

Google’s main revenue is from add’s. Even though google charges very small amount for add’s displayed, because of volume of businees, revenue which google earns is very huge. Google just does not display add’s anywhere,everywhere and anything. Add’s displayed are relevant to what user is searching for. In this way all the three parties, advertisers, google and the user are in win win situation.

It also explains about, cluture and innovation at google, various projects done by google which common users are not aware of. No doubt
after reading the book, it’s tempted to work for google :).

In the end, there is section on “Google search tips” which is very useful.

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