India 2020

by A.P.J Abdul Kalam and Y.S Rajan

Author being X President of India and held various top positions, has envisioned India in 2020. Writing a vision document of a country is not possible for all who haven’t held so many different top positions in government.
As the title of the book indicates, book is a vision of India in 2020. Book was written quite few years back and reading it now is a kind of evaluation of, have we achieved our vision. Author has explained in detail about, other countries vision of 2020, envisioned where India should stand in 2020 and what kind investment and focus is required on various sector. Some of the sectors author has explained are, Food, Agriculture and processing, materials like steel, aluminium and titanium, chemical industries (petrochemicals, phamaceutical chemicals, agro chemicals, textiles), manufacturing (CNC, CAD/CAM), services (financial, marketing, security, technical and management consultancy, trade promotion, tourism, leisure and sports… ). In final chapters, author explains how the central PSUs, state PSUs, big and small industries, MNCs, Academics and RnD labs, government and non-government organization can involve/help in achieving the vision.

This came to me as a surprise. In one of the chapters, author has mentioned that, When India achieved mile stones in aerospace and defense sector, western countries by publishing false statements tried to take away the credit from Indian scientists. This definitely shows that western countries want to control the world and does not want to let go off the power from their hands.

In some of the sectors, I think, we have surpassed the vision. This is mainly due to repaid change in technology which has resulted in solving problems with newer and easier approaches.

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