Zero to One

by Peter Thiel with Blake Masters. This book is all about startups.
What is zero to one ?. Creating something which does not exist is zero to one. Replicating an existing thing is one to N which is a wonderful concept. Startup’s always work form 0 to 1 and as such the name of book. Author has explained various things about how startup operate, how do they build product with minimum value proposition, releasing the product to market and various other stuff. Book also has some details about past 1998-2000 dot com boom where in everyone was willing to join a startup or start his own and what eventually led to the .com burst.

Author has explained couple of important things about founders and co-founders of company. Choosing co-founders while starting a company is very crucial. If the frequency of the founders does not match, company will cease to exist in future because of difference in opinion between founders. If one is joining a startup again it’s important to analyze the founding members to avoid undue risk in future. Also explained in detail are salary of founders and stock options provided to founders and employees and what could be worth of the stocks in future.

Overall a good book to read.

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